A new layout which I currently have under construction, is my layout on a shelf. It is being built to provide a way for me to display and photograph my models (especially DMU units such as the Bachmann Turbostars) and to provide me with a small-size layout to run my stock when it's not running on Shopleigh.

Follow progress of the construction in the layout diary (updated November 3rd 2005)

mock-up of layout
Computer generated mock-up of the layout

The first track laying has taken place, with the track and points (all 2 of them!) pinned to the boards - track pins will be removed once electrics are fitted and the track has been ballasted.

Work has also started on the fiddle yard, with the first "cassette" being made out of wood and aluminium angle - a total of 5 cassettes will be made to allow variation in stock. Some of the wiring has also been done, and a fascia and backscene are being constructed.

mock-up of layout
Computer generated mock-up, featuring Lima's new Central Trains 156

The original design was to have a 2 road traverser style fiddle yard to the left end of the layout, however for simplicity and to help make it easier to get the layout on/off the shelf, a more simple "cassette" style system will be used, with cassettes made with a single road, long enough to hold a 2 car DMU, or other standard train. This should also hopefully allow for the quicker changing of stock to allow for more variation.

Points will be electrically operated from a mini control panel, and the rails will be powered by a Gaugemaster controller, with specific sections of the track plan switchable to allow for isolation.


A siding near the front of the layout can be used to either stable a 2 car DMU, or for speedlink style freight, or a refuling point, and I plan to make the front section modular to allow the specific "scene" to be placed on the board, further adding to the variety possible.

The station building to the far right of the layout will cover the end section of the platforms, by up to about half of the rear unit of a 2 car DMU, and full lighting by LED's will be fitted in to the underside of the station building to provide realistic lighting effects. The buffer stops will have red LED's fitted. A roadway is likely to be at the front on the station, with a typical London style scene - lots of traffic, and people.


To provide for good photographic conditions, I plan on constructing a full frame around the front/top of the layout, and fitting a combination of low voltage fluorescent tubes, and natural daylight bulbs, hidden from normal view, behind the frame.

More photos of the constuction will be provided through out 2003. Once constructed, a webcam showing the operation of the layout may be set up, due to my PC being directly below the layout!

photo photo
photo photo

Layout Information
Size: 6 ft x 8 inches (plus cassette style fiddle yard system 35"x3" per cassette - overall length of layout is less than 9')

Gauge: OO 4mm/1:76
Period: Current day
Area: London/Urban

Rolling stock:
DMU's: 156,158,170
Diesels: 08,47,58,66,67
Coaches and Wagons: RES/Royal mail Super BG/Super GUV's, Rudd/Clam, VGA's, plus some MEA and MFA's, and an occasional short "VEE tank" train.

Passenger TOC's: Central Trains, Midland Mainline, plus stock which could be "on loan" to the area such as a Southwest Trains or Anglia Railways turbostar. Freight TOC's: EWS, GBRf

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Created on 8 August 2001 - last updated on 31 May 2003
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Photo note: Many of the images have had their brightness and contrast altered, due to poor lighting, and so the colours and sharpness of some images has been reduced.