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The UK modern image layouts web ring has been set up to allow web surfers to find modern image websites on the net, easily and quickly without spending hours searching for well hidden sites on search engines - excellent for both web surfers looking at layouts for inspiration, and also exhibition managers looking for layouts to invite, and it means you're layout website gets seen by more visitors!

If you've got a modern image layout website, with some information about your layout, and photos (no matter how complete it is.. anything from the bare baseboards with just the track, to full exhibition standard layouts!) then join the ring today.

Note: The ring is only for modern image layouts, with a UK theme (if you're not in the UK, but your model railway is based on the British prototype, then you're welcome to join too!) - the ring does not have any traders, non-"modern image", or non UK model railways - simply because it'd end up duplicating other excellent and very popular rings, such as The UK model railways web community, Model Trains webring or Modern Trains webring to name just a few..

Featured layouts

Dyserth Road by Nick Gurney
Dyserth Road is a compact 'OO Gauge' modern image layout based on a small fueling and stabling point. It features detailed diesel and electric locomotives with some superb pictures. Dyserth Road

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